Minecraft on your Java Mobile

Ever dreamt of playing Minecraft on that little phone of your? Yes we dreamt that too, and searched the internet for a working version of Minecraft that the phone can handle and have come out with this – Minecraft Java 208×208. It will work on screens that have the resolution of 208×208. As this is a rare resolution, many of your guys will find our search fruitful. You can also play this java file on devices that have more resolution than this. Most of the java phones on the market can play this game. We already know Minecraft requires internet connectivity. So keep that wifi or data pack handy! Dont spend it all on you-know-what!


Hell Boy: The Game

We all remember the movie by the name of Hell Boy. It had two parts and as usual the sequel was not worthy of the first part. Also, I don’t think any of us have forgotten how badly we all wanted to be Hell Boy. That all just became possible as the game of Hell Boy has been released for java mobiles with a touchscreen. Touchscreen games are fun to play and offer a lot of excitement. This Hell Boy game is loosely based upon the movie and requires a decent java enabled cellphone with a touchscreen.

The touchscreen is optional and you can play without it on some of the java mobiles. Get the hell boy java game from Dertz!

Download Dino Cave – A game for android!

Want a fierce first person shooter game for your android smartphone? How would you feel if I told you that killing dinosaurs in first person is really challenging? Because that is exactly what I am telling you – shooting dinosaurs in first person is amazing!

And what is more amazing is if you can do it while travelling the metro, the bus or just sitting on a park bench – right on your android smartphone! Ofcourse your smartphone can play this game – its nothing much high end on graphics. But the gameplay – it just rocks!

You can get dino cave apk for free download provided courtesy of Dertz!

Real Football: The best graphics game for S60v2

If you’re a die hard football fan just like me, you would have heard about the game called Real Football. This is the best graphics game for Symbian Ver 2. If you never played it, then its never too late- just download Real Football S60v2 for free from Dertz.

This will work on any symbian device with any screen resolution and running atleast S60v2. The game was designed to be played by the phone’s keypad, but if you can connect any external game pad to your phone, that is supported too!

Download Mayan Rock Jar Games

Ever been to a Mayan jungle? Its better not to. Once you play this game you will believe me! The mayan jungles are full of uninviting adventures and places where you can actually die. So, the best way to experience it all without the fear of death is to play a game about it: Mayan Rock.

This game runs on any phone supporting java or java format games and has a resolution of atleast 320×240. Generally the older blackberrys and phones with landscape screen like the Nokia E63.

Where to get games for old java mobiles?

If you bought a phone during before the last decade, its obviously getting old. Now, you want to get rid of it because it does not have all those great apps, and those great games. HALT! You’re obviously wrong.

All the older mobile phones support some type of java technology. Now, that android is in the mainstream, you cannot get java games for free easily! So, we have Dertz for you. Just visit the java games section on Dertz from either your phone or from your computer and enjoy all those free games forever.

Note: Keep checking Dertz as the java games are regularly updated!

Vegas Free APK file!

Vegas can be considered the Persia of modern times in context of gambling, night life, and a great city. Vegas has it all. Living in Vegas can be costly. And, if your budget does not support gambling, then I would recommend you to try out playing Vegas first in your Cellphone. Yes, advanced technology has now made it possible for you to be in Vegas, playing your favorite round of poker without even leaving your home!

Just get this game of Vegas which can run on any android mobile or tablet and enjoy the best of Vegas right here on your cellphone. No limits! No money to spend! Vegas for FREE!